Still River Mill is a family-owned business started in 2004 by Greg Driscoll and Deirdre Bushnell. Greg, Deirdre and family raise sheep on their small farm in the village of Eastford, Connecticut and have over 15 years experience working with various fibers.

Our fiber mill is dedicated to serving small scale farm and animal owners nationwide. We strive to produce the best quality fiber products available from cottage industry fiber mills.

We have the flexibility and expertise to process Qiviut (Arctic Musk Ox), American Buffalo (bison), Cashmere, Yak, Fine Wools, Alpaca, Llama, Angora, Mohair, and Pet Fiber. Using our specialized lace weight spinner, fine fibers like qiviut, yak, american bison and cashmere can be spun extremely finely to create truly beautiful and amazing yarns

The services currently available are:
1. Carding your fiber into rovings, batts, rug yarn
2. Spinning your fiber into yarn as skeins and cones
3. Dehairing fine fibers like bison, cashmere, yak, and qiviut
4. Unique Slub yarn and soon to be boucle and brushed yarn!

Our aim is to conform to organic wool processing practices and standards. This means using environmentally friendly, low impact, and organic detergents for scouring, organic processing oils, water soluble grease and oil to lubricate the machines, and using appropriate treatment of waste water. If you have certified organic wool or fiber for processing, we will keep those fibers separate to avoid any contamination with non-certified fibers.

The mill is a natural extension of our expertise as well as a historical one for the property. The adjacent Still River serviced many mills in Eastford's history starting in the 1800's, including a woolen mill located on the existing property that was later turned into a wood mill that was still in operation in the 1970's.

Jan 20, 2015 - Great writeup in the Hartford Business section on our mill. Click the link!
Eastford mill aims to preserve CT’s textile history